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Aspiring Developer

Welcome to the site! It's currently under contruction so not to be too harsh! You can find my GitHub here. Checkout out my blog for more details on what kind of stuff I'm into


I've spent the last two years building a local infrastructure of services to provide a private and conveint suite of tools and applications my wife and I to use. To learn more about what I'm hosting, check out my wiki.

Project Highlights

  • Mealie

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    a self hosted recipe manager and meal planner with a RestAPI backend and a reactive frontend application built in Vue for a pleasant user experience for the whole family.
  • ControlsCoPilot
    A line of business application built for Johnson Controls tooling for automating daily workflows for system technicians and engineers. Includes working with excel, converting and packaging visio files, working with custom file formats, and generating custom reports.
  • GoGitter
    A Tiny go application that uses a configuration file and to pull down your private and public Github repositories with optional sorting into language type directories and experimental hooks that execute in the repositories local directory
  • Visio2PDF
    A Web App wrapper around the CLI tool for converting Visio documents into PDFs with merge, title page, and bookmarks built-in.

Get to know me:

Hayden is a Building Automation Engineer at Johnson Controls. While not a programmer by trade, Hayden spends his free time contributing to open source projects and building utility applications to support the community.
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